Andrea Zullian Quartet

Damjan Krajacic – flute
Eldad Tarmu – vibraphone
Andrea Zullian – doublebass
Enos Kugler – drums

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Eldad Tarmu: Andrea’s compositions are clear and heartfelt stories, in which there is ample space for each player to interact and contribute. It is sincere music – a pleasure to perform!

Damjan Krajacic: first words that come to mind when describing Andrea’s music are kindness and generosity – words that describe his music just as much as him as a person. These qualities come through in his music honestly and passionately, without any need to impress or say more than what truly is. It was a joy sharing these musical moments with Andrea and searching for true colors within his musical space.

Enos Kugler: as player and composer Andrea is deeply rooted in tradition and precisely that enables him to play and compose in his own modern way. The compositions are never usual but always easy to understand and within this logic Andrea always succeeds to put himself into the music. Once one gets familiar with his music it is a joy to play since the compositions allow a lot of musical exploration and freedom.